Monday, February 24, 2014

Those New Auto Colors by Edgar A. Guest, 1925

Those New Auto Colors
When I was but a little lad, 
Few were the colors that we had; 
Then red was red, and blue was blue, 
And that was all we ever knew: 
But since they’ve made the motor car 
Behold how many shades there are!

Today I draw about the town 
In one dyed Piccadilly Brown. 
“There’s one,” I heard the 
driver say, “That’s painted Arizona Gray. 
While that one at the other stand 
Is catalogued as Desert Sand.”

They’ve named the colors for the streets, 
For victories and great defeats, 
For princes, presidents and kings, 
Countries and states and endless things, 
Fogs, mists, miasmas and the stars,
And painted them on motor cars.

There’s London Fog, and Cactus Gray, 
And Brewster Green, and few can say 
Just which is which or what is what; 
The name, I venture, matters not,
Give it a pretty phrase and nice, 
The customer will pay the price.

Today I ought to be in bed, 
My eyes with cold are Fireman’s Red; 
My food I cannot swallow down, 
My mouth tastes Piccadilly Brown, 
I’m feverish, faint, discouraged, too, 
In fact, I feel Imperial Blue.

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