Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What do you mean by Billary? :-)

"Billary", an epithet(refers to former United States president Bill Clinton and his wife, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton).

:)...It all started with an interesting disscussion with my friend, Aswathi, about the word 'Blog' being a portmanteau of Web-log.

This made me dig more on 'Portmanteau', examples of Portmanteaus. Portmanteau is a French word, that is a travelling bag - divided into two components from inside. It was first used by Lewis Caroll in his book Through the Looking- Glass, where our dear Humpty-Dumpty explains portmanteau bag and how in similar fashion, two words in language are packed together in a word [the portmanteau].

         Shop selling Portmanteau bags in Polland

Through the looking glass: Part II

Thirumalai et. al. (2011), very beautifully express their view regarding Portmanteaus -
"Creativity is the soul of language. This creativity can be exhibited at the level of words, phrases, sentences and ideas. Philosophers play with ideas whereas poets play with words. While playing with words, it is possible to create words out of words, make words out of nonsensical sounds, arrange words in different order to create different nuances of meaning and blend words to form new ones."

Few examples of Portmanteau words: 
Knork [knife+ fork], Narcoterrorism[narcotics+ terrorism], Absatively[absolutely+positively], Amusementertainment [amusement+entertainment], blam [blog+advertising+marketing], Californication [California+fornication], Fortnight [fourteen+nights], goodbye [good+be+with+you] Pakistan [Punjab+Afghanistan+Kashmir+Sindh+Baluchistan]

Some more portmanteaus that you can all now guess...:)
internet, pixel, smog, showbiz, infotainment, internet, brunch, ordeal ('boredom' being referred to as 'boredeal' in ordeal)....many many others...

Its an interesting world of Portmanteaus out there used in our daily lives, professions, commercial and cultural scenarios. Know more ->> PORTMANTEAU

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