Saturday, March 6, 2010

a CoMpLeX simplicity ?

Signified visible...."Crystal", a shop selling crystal retail products. It's one of the most popular shops at Abdul Rehman Street.

My Bag Repairs...adding the quirk.."My bag will repair your bag". English is perhaps a funny language.

Since 1938. Dates add a mark of authenticity and respect...

Interesting spaces are explored by signmakers. The shutter is a good idea to exploit the form, colour and type on a scale that would catch eye spontaneously. Flat graphics in a grid reminds one of colour picture books for kids. Images are generally illustrated in similar way.

Brands form the first level along with their signified images to form the signification that makes it easier for a semi- or a fully illiterate fellow(s) to decipher the kind of shop it is. Smart and good signage design...

Locks...reality constructed!

Small things..but big ideas of representation...

"Plastics" placticized !!!

"unlimited" conveyed not only by the typography, but also by the building facade acting here as a sign panel

Many a times, the signified becomes representation or "form" reality

Multilingual, one can see combination of four languages

One needs more visual examples to understand the semiosis behind the signs. Can one call them signage, in the more objective sense of the term. The exploration doesn't provide sufficient clues to indicate a direct difference between what could be called "Signage". And, if it is a signage, then what elements make it so? If it is a system, if seen as seperate genres of signages, then could it be called a signage system ? These are all complex questions. As a premise, complexity often leads to simplicity with practise. The best part of signage is that it's ever evolving nature generally looks highly influenced by cultural aspects and also event-specific communication, that brings the scope worth understanding from the point of view of a communication designer. The journey looks interesting and the designer somewhere inside wants to deconstruct the complex simplicity through research.
Photography: Nanki Nath
Area: Abdul Rehman Street, S. Mumbai

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