Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Yellow" by H. Masud Taj

Digital Art: Nanki Nath, September 2009

Yellow Light would not be as yellow
If shadows were not as black.
Cat walks betweenThe sun and his shadow.
At night yellow recedes into Fireplaces and cats' eyes.
Yellow can cut through blackWith blinding sight.
At night, shadows uniteTo mask the sun.
Black always dreams yellow;Yellow never sleeps until
The sun implodes into a blackhole;Homecoming of all shadows.

--H. Masud Taj

Further more, H. Masud Taj beautifully draws the connection between 'Architecture' and 'Poetry'. According to him, "Poetry will lead you back to poesis which means making (cognate with Sanskrit: cinoti, cayati i.e. to gather, arranges in layers); construction will lead you to the act of constructing. They are "mirrors": each drawing its own widespread streaming beauty back into its face". That was Rilke speaking of beginnings. In other words: different epistemologies but similar ontologies.

Do read the full interview:                                      


Ugich Konitari said...

".....different epistemologies but similar ontologies....." (rushes to look up meanings of all these hefty words....).....

It's the gaze
of a mind,
suddenly respectful
of the dark...

When the mind is enlightened,
sometimes with thoughts,
sometimes with beauty,
it uncovers
that don't clash,
but show up each other
at their best....

Nanki Nath said...

Yes :) the colours not to clash, but show up simultaneously...
Masud's poems have hefty words, but at the same time, have a lot of depth and resonance....

Nanki Nath said...

Sharing with you Suranaga :)
Sir Masud mailed me his response to our conversation and is glad to know that his words are hefty with meanings of same heftiness

Sir's comment:
Thank you, Nanki, for thinking that my hefty words have hefty meanings : )
- taj

His view about his poems - *sans haftiness* though :) Do see the video he has shared: