Sunday, July 12, 2009

Design for the Real World_Victor Papanek

Designer & Educator Papanek believed that creative professionals have the responsibility to cause positive change in the world through responsible design. From the careful selection of project materials to designing for people’s needs rather than wants, Papanek taught designers should be accountable for the choices they make in the design process

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The New Devnagari Font: Fedra Hindi

Fedra Hindi
Typotheque pays as much attention to ‘non-Latin’ fonts as to our Latin fonts, and by now our fonts support over 190 languages spoken by over 1.5 billion native speakers. Latest expansion of Fedra family is Devanagari version.

The Devanagari script is a Brahmi-derived writing system used originally to write Sanskrit. It is used in India and Nepal to write many languages, including the official language of the Indian government. Fedra Hindi is Typotheque’s most ambitious ‘non-Latin’ project. After 2 years in development, Fedra Hindi comes in 5 weights with full support for conjuncts.

Designed by Peter Bi─żak and SN Rajpurohit (NID)
Fedra Hindi was awarded Bronze medal at the European Design Awards 2009 competition.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Play with letters (Typeface: Bodoni )

The letter selection has been random here, arrangement breaks most typography helps you twist things. The freedom makes you work more and more with everincreasing joy.
Typeface: Bodoni (Popular MODERN FACE designed about 1785 by Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813), an innovative printer and type designer of Parma, Italy. Like the BELL typeface, Bodoni was haevily influenced by Firmin DIDOT'S modern face, designed in 1784. Many 20th-c. versions, while varying in detail from the original retain the essential characteristics of Bodoni's innovation. The STRESS is vertical. Each SERIF is flat and unbracketed, with the sharp contrast in stroke weight emphasized by the thin hairline strokes.
Major inspiration: Initials designed for Tennis legend, Roger Federer (RF).
The simple club of R merging into F is outstanding. The composition clearly translates "The Persona Roger Federer" establishing a visual marquee of his consistent, elegant and unflinched victory. The designed play of forms are a small tribute to celebrate the idea behind the design.