Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Viva la Art

Courtsey: Jawahar Kala Kendra, Painting Exhibitions I January 2009

Courtsey: JKK Paiting Exhibitions I January 2009

Art as a medium is not just an expression of professional artists, but a growing number of common people are pursuing it as a therapy to reduce stress.

Reading this article of Jaipur Times yesterday left me with immense joy. An 18 year old girl student, Jyoti Kannota engages herself everyday to paint for an hour. She says "Art is something that makes you happy and you also share the same happiness around you."
It's so good learn that Jaipur youth is looking up to Art as an activity to imbibe happiness with self and sharing the happiness around.

The world of Art works magically for anyone who loves tp get absorbed in the world of colours, forms, intriguing shapes, feel and texture. This analysis is very individualistic and might vary from person to person. The "variation of self-expressions" in art makes it even more inviting. A painting or a piece of art never lies. It's the best visual testimonial of one's innermost feelings, desires and ambitions. Art magic wand just holds the senses into a relief zone. They get instantly connected and co-ordinate beautifully. Art not only contributes to the srtist / art enthusiast, but also adds a value to the surroundings. Therefore, "Art for art's sake" theory doesn't sound convincing. Practising more and more of the non-commercial form of art makes a person calmer, more humble, more human. This is the greatest achievement of Art as a subject. No other subject imbibes the human factor to that extent.

Art is the best learning experience for children. It's said that drawing and painting motivate children to be more inquisitive enough to tackle text book lessons. Tools like scribbling, drawing and sketching helps teaching a new topic whether it is math, science or social studies. This enriches the capability quocient of a child. It develops self-confidence, creativity and concentration in children.

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